Message form the HoD

Welcome to the Biotechnology community at Department of Biotechnology, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Kavre, Nepal. We are the pioneer to introduce biotechnology curriculum in Nepal 15 years ago. We are now a group of more than 20 dedicated and professional faculties and staffs who work together with undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students to advance our scientific, educational and service goals. Our field of interests are diverse and yet complementary. Please visit our website to learn more about the specific projects and achievements of our faculty. We are actively involved in efforts to transform teaching and learning to best promote the production of capable human resources who will find success in advancing scientific solutions to societal problems. In the endeavor we see several alumni of this Department working in National and International institutes all over the world. Some of them even substantiated to be the rising Biotech Entrepreneurs.

Our Academic program is rigorous and relevant! Our core subjects of molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, plant tissue culture, animal cell culture, bioprocess and bioinformatics are all integrated with the tools of technology. The education here is not an end in itself; it is the foundation for lifelong wisdom and a time when students can discover their true goals, so their potential can foster.

Thank you for visiting and exploring our site to learn about the Department of Biotechnology, Kathmandu University. I am privileged to work with this dedicated and talented community and wish to welcome all new members as well as encourage contact from alumni and others who are interested in our mission.

Sangita Shakya, PhD.

Head of Department

Associate Professor

Department of Biotechnology