First Year Mechanical Projects

First Year Mechanical Project is required to fulfill the credit requirement of 1st year II semester. It is an excellent opportunity to design and conduct a mini project using the knowledge from mechanical workshop. The project trains a student about planning and executing a project, teamwork and leadership. Furthermore, the project encourages the students to utilize the interdisciplinary knowledge in the biotechnology related fields.

1. Bacterial colony counter

Colony Counter

The colony counter designed and prepared by the first year student is used by all the students in their practicals and even in some projects.

2. Glasswares dryer and test tube holder

Test_ tube_Dryer

The dryer rack for glasswares and the test tube holders made under first year mechanical project.

3. Glass tanks to store distilled water


These two glass tanks make it easier to store distilled water and transfer to beaker when needed.

4. Watson and Crick DNA model


This DNA model prepared using led lights and a motor makes the Watson and Crick model of DNA easier to visualize, teach and learn.

5. Wooden parafilm holder

Parafilm Holder

This simple yet useful wooden container makes the storage and use of parafilm easy and managed.