Kathmandu University Biotechnology Creatives (KUBiC)


KUBiC is the organization for biotechnology students studying in Kathmandu University, established in 2004. It is a totally a non-governmental organization. It is dedicated on promoting academic as well as relation between biotechnology students through provision of information, conference, trainings and a range of publications and various games conducted annually. Being a neutral organization, there is no place for affiliation, sympathy or political activities in the organization.

KUBiC has been successfully performing different activities with the co-operation and dedication of biotech students, irrespective of its own field and has been working in other diverse fields, participating in number academic as we as non-academic activities.

Talking about the finance of the organization, the source of finance for the organization are :

  •       Annual Fund from within KU like Student Welfare Council, Departmental Finance, etc. This is transparent to every members of the organization during Annual General Meeting.
  •           Membership form is compulsory to all the students studying biotechnology.
  •           Fund raising campaigns
  • Scholarship 




The fundamental motive of KUBiC is purely educational but its areas of interest are varied. Biotechnology is an emerging field in Nepal and still unfortunately unknown to many people. KUBiC provides a platform for all biotechnology students from Kathmandu University to work in various fields for academic and societal cause. We believe that when we present ourselves as a group and work in a team, the benefits are more. KUBiC now leaps in the task of advertising and flourishing biotechnology in all possible ways, such as sports, interactive programs, exhibitions, rallies etc.


Objectives of KUBIC

Talking about the objectives of the organization, its main objectives are as follows :

  1. Establishing a permanent form of contact  with representative organizations  of biotechnology students.
  2. Promoting the exchange of ideas by correspondence and by encouraging full dissemination of scientific and professional knowledge.
  3. Encouraging the formation and development of bilateral co-operation among national and international biotechnology student organizations without trespassing upon their domains.
  4. Collecting opinions and information on the subject of biotechnology education and by suggesting improvements where necessary with the aim of attaining unification of biotechnology education.
  5. Encouraging and promoting international visits and exchanges of students.
  6. Organizing various conferences, symposium, workshop, quiz, seminar, interaction program.
  7. Performing the annual as well as semester wise Newsletter of the department.
  8. To conduct other general events such as :
    • Annual General Meeting
    • Friendly interaction with the newcomer students
    • Welcome and Farewell Program
    • Sports Event of departmental and national level
    • World DNA Day- April 25
    • Symposium
    • Career Counseling
    • Presentation on departmental problems and solutions
    • Biotech Meet


Executive of the Organization

The executive of the organization constitute the 13 members. The function of Executive is to manage the affairs of the organization. The executives need to be accountable to the organization all the times. The executive consist of persons as mentioned below:

S. N. Designation Undergraduate Student from the Year
1 President 3rd
2 Vice-President 2nd
3 Secretary 3rd
4 Treasurer 3rd
5 Executive members 3rd - 2, 2nd - 2, 1st - 1
6 Executive advisors 4th from previous executive body
7 Consultants Faculty members - 2 (including HoD)


Executive Board Members


  • Srijana Shrestha


  • Sandesh Gaudel


  • Sampada Timilsina


  • Prakriti Karmacharya


  • Sameer Dangol
  • Mina Kumari Gajurel
  • Satkar Raj Shrestha
  • Preetika Karmacharya
  • Ravi K.C

Executive Advisors

  • Amit Basnet
  • Trishna Lamichhane


  • Associate Prof Dr. Sangita Shakya ( HOD)
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Bhupal Govinda Shrestha